Welcome to the Intuitive Eating Practitioner Tools collection!

There is a growing emphasis in our industry to love all bodies, just the way they are.

If you incorporate:

  • Intuitive Eating
  • Gentle Nutrition,
  • Exploring Hunger, or
  • Weight Inclusivity

…into your practice, then the Intuitive Eating Collection is your go-to for resources for individuals, groups or for your own professional development. This is your ultimate resource to help you guide your clients on their journeys.

From Gentle Nutrition handouts to curated disordered eating content and exploring hunger materials, you'll find the essentials you need both for your clients and for your own use.

Read our post, How to Embrace Gentle Nutrition in Your Practice, for countless ideas to incorporate this way of guiding your clients to find peace in their bodies.

Check back often as our collection is updated frequently!