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All you need to start selling.
  • 65% of each sale
  • Online store and URL
  • List unlimited products
  • Monthly earnings payout
  • Quick start guide and email support


Power up your earnings!
$ 49
Per Year
  • 80% of each sale
  • Everything in FREE plan plus
  • Design templates and video tutorial library
  • Marketing tools, promotional posts and images
  • Access to office hours, live support

Premium Member Exclusives


is it really free ?

Yes! There is no fee to create a store or list products.  There is a service (transaction) fee when products are sold. You never need to pay Well Resourced Dietitian! When your products sell, you’ll generate earnings.

who is a premium membership for ?

If you’re selling more than $30 per month, it’s time to upgrade. You’ll boost your earnings by nearly 25%. Predict your earning and calculate the exact difference in earnings between membership types here

what are service (transaction) fees ?

There is a service (transaction) fee when products are sold.  Service (transaction) fees are charged to offset costs associated with hosting of content, website security, payment processing, website development, marketing, etc.

how will i get paid ?

Earnings are paid monthly via PayPal. Simply provide the email address associated with your PayPal account when you register.



what type of support do you offer ?

Printable guides, video tutorials and email support are available to all vendors. Making it easy to sell is what we’re all about! Premium vendors have access to weekly office hours. 

how do i create products?

Adding a product to your store is as easy as completing the submission form. During the process, you upload the file customers receive after purchase.

do i have to be a registered dietitian ?

Yes! Our marketplace features products from nutrition experts. Vendors must be a credentialed dietitian.  Vendors must reside in the United States or Canada.

what is the vendor dashboard ?

Create and edit products, view earnings and more – the vendor dashboard is your hub for managing your store. On-demand, self-service access at your fingertips.

what is a store ?

In addition to displaying on marketplace, vendors receive an store page for products. This specific URL displays profile picture, bio and list of all products. Easily link to your store from social media or your website.

Why only digital products ?

You can only sell digital items on Well Resourced Dietitian. The ease of instant access by customer and nature of products makes digital products ideal for our marketplace.

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ page or contact us.