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Our story

Transforming how nutrition experts share their knowledge and resources with each other, the public, and health professionals.

In 2017, I launched a private practice and discovered that getting needed tools and resources was much harder than I expected. From basics such as forms and education materials to marketing templates, I was scouring the internet and professional groups.

There had to be a better way!

While many generous colleagues shared their expertise and tools, it was highly inefficient. In many cases, I was left recreating the wheel.  What I wanted was an easy way to search, compare and purchase the right tool for my needs.

The solution was simple. Create a place for dietitians to buy, sell and share their original resources with the click of a button.

In fact, my idea wasn’t particularly novel! Teachers have been buying and selling educational resources to each other and the public for over a decade. Examples of successful marketplaces fueled the flames of my idea.

Translating the sharing economy into a technology platform customized for nutrition resources proved more difficult than I expected. Not only did I have zero experience with website design, I had never sold anything online and had no idea how to build and launch a marketplace.

What I did have was a background in managing and implementing large projects, and a passion for using technology and automation to create efficient and reliable processes. These skills combined with my unrelenting passion for solving this problem allowed me to bring our marketplace from a dream to a thriving reality.

Well Resourced Dietitian was launched in November of 2017 and within the first year reached an astounding 4,000 product downloads, and now has more than 400 store owners and over a 1000 products.

Enthusiasm for the sharing economy for dietitians is undeniable

Well Resourced Dietitian is the first online marketplace designed exclusively for Registered Dietitians to buy and sell their original work via digital downloads.

I want Well Resourced Dietitian to become a destination for quality nutrition resources created by the experts. A place for the public and professionals to find, and instantly access answers.


Digital Done Right

Shop Quality Resources

What if you could find that perfect presentation or client education tool, and in just a few clicks, purchase and instantly download? Meet Well Resourced Dietitian, a digital marketplace that has revolutionized sharing nutrition resources.  In minutes, you can find quality resources created by nutrition experts.

Monetize Your Expertise

Do you have presentations, educational tools and more sitting in your file storage that could be earning you money?  Well Resourced Dietitian allows you to put your work to work and create passive income selling your digital goods.  Signing up to be a vendor is free and your custom store page showcases your items and makes it easy to share and promote product sales.