slide preview healthy eating for busy professionals

Ready-to-use powerpoint presentation with 45 slides on healthy eating hacks for busy professionals. Presentation created forĀ  employees at a hospital for a 1 hour interactive and informative lunch-and-learn. PowerPoint format allows for editing of slides as desired.

  • Healthy dietary patterns
  • Fad diets: red flags and consequences
  • Breaking the restriction-binge cycle, mindful eating
  • Science-based nutrition for the lifespan
  • Power-up your meals and snacks
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Grains
  • Fiber
  • Sodium
  • Sugar
  • Winning at the label reading game


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  • This resource was disappointing. It was really just a general nutrition presentation. There was nothing about working professionals, and there were no hacks. I am very confused.

  • General Nutrition no Actual Hacks

    This lslide deck covers labels, general nutrition guidelines, downfalls of restrictive diets and fad diets. I needed actual usable info for a professional groups I am presenting to soon. I edited it to include on-the go foods, how to create a balanced plate quickly, fast/healthy meals and snacks. I eliminated the restrictive section and the AHA and ADA Guidelines. People don’t usually retain that info, they want practical info – what to cook for dinner or lunch and healthy snacking ideas.
    There is no script either. So one has to create one from the slide deck which takes a bit of time.
    Overall, nice for a general nutrition overview presentation – like ‘Nutrition 101’.

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