Do you need a simple way to effectively share the research in support of a weight-inclusive approach?

Are you struggling to communicate how weight-inclusive practices can, and will, help you clients and community?

Are you feeling challenged by how to describe the weight-inclusive approach to fellow practitioners, peers, and/or clients?

Buy this full, comprehensive presentation and use it yourself to communicate the weight-inclusive approach to fellow nutrition practitioners and healthcare providers. 

The WIND slide deck includes: 

  • A comprehensive look at the impact of weight stigma on healthcare & access to care
  • The difference between weight-centric and weight-inclusive care
  • Foundation of weight-inclusive care
  • Harms associated with chronic dieting, weight bias, and intentional weight loss
  • Health-promoting behaviors and modifiable risk factors
  • Actionable tips for counseling, communications, and community work
  • Q&A with frequently asked questions to help you anticipate your audience’s concerns
  • References list, including additional resources to refer to

There’s also an option to include your own case studies or examples, if desired. 

This presentation includes resources related to and supported by Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics (WIND). Disclosure and contact information slides are left blank for the administrator to include their relevant details. 

Slides are shared in Powerpoint format, with references included at the end.
To use and edit in Google Slides: Import this file into your Google Drive, double click the file to “open” and select “Open With: Google Slides” from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. 

For questions or concerns, reach out to Heather Caplan RD (vendor).


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  • Great for interns

    Very helpful to use with my dietetic interns and nutrition undergrad students. Thank you!

  • Incredibly helpful

    I used this deck as the basis of a presentation I gave to other healthcare providers (non-RDs) on the benefits of practicing from a weight-inclusive lens. I did replace the parts about how RDs can use a the approach with how my audience could incorporate weight inclusivity but still, it saved me SO. MUCH. TIME. Definitely recommend.

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