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Oral Health in Seniors Handout Series

The mouth is the first route of nutrition. If an older adult has oral or dental health issues and cannot eat the nutritious foods their body needs, we have a problem.

Good oral health is important for seniors

Often times in the every day hustle of life, both seniors and their caregivers may overlook the importance of good oral care. As dietitians it is up to us to ensure we talk about the health of the mouth.

This handout series can help you to provide that education and support seniors in their oral health.

This set of four handouts includes:

  • Oral Health in Seniors
  • Dry Mouth in Seniors
  • Tips for Chewing Problems
  • Denture Care for Seniors

Each handout includes engaging graphics, relevant education, and easy to understand steps to follow. This information is so important for our seniors and their care givers.

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