High Calorie SHAKES Handout

High calorie foods are used to stop unintended weight loss. Anyone working with frail older adults knows how detrimental unintended weight loss can be.

Unintended Weight Loss is a Real Problem

With unintended weight loss comes loss of muscle. We need muscle to function. To get out of bed in the morning, get dressed, feed ourselves… we need muscles for independence.

Unintended weight loss… it’s a big deal. It robs older adults of their independence. It impacts their quality of life and increases the risk of death and disability.

Why High Calorie Shakes

I have been working with older adults for over 11 years. And I’ve found that even when my clients just can’t take another bite of food, they can still sip on a drink or shake.

High calorie shakes served in-between meals can be an effective way to stop unintended weight loss and promote weight gain.

What is Included?

This one-page PDF client education handout includes a basic 4 step instruction to making a high calorie shake. It lists ingredient ideas, though not specific amounts (that would be too much for a 1-page handout & it varies based on the combo of ingredients used anyways!).

It includes a delicious recipe which gives people a good idea for where to get started. The King of Calories recipe provides a whopping 1,200 calories and boy is it tasty!

Is This JUST for Older Adults?

No! This resource can be used for any client or population that needs a boost of extra calories. My target audience just happens to be seniors! Please note there is no reference to older adults on this handout, thought the name The Geriatric Dietitian is listed in an image.

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  • helpful

    I appreciate this free handout, giving options to chose from

  • High Calorie Smoothie

    I love the options and substitutions shown to help a variety of clients and patients

  • High Calorie Shakes Handout

    Short and simple. Easy to understand. The different mix options are straight to the point.

  • Great Hand out

    I love that this is so colorful and easy to use. Thank you so much for letting us down load this for free!

  • Nice handout

    This handout is really nice. Large print, easy to read, and looks good.
    In response to “Basic” – Sure a google search will give you this info, that’s how I found it 😀 The whole reason I do a google search is to avoid re-creating the wheel and this handout works perfectly. Thank you for offering it for free! 😀

  • Basic

    This information could be easily found through a quick Google search

  • Excellent handout for my patients

    I am homecare dietitian and see mostly older adults. This is such a great handout to use for those who need to put some weight on.

  • Love his site

    Thank you for this site. As an RD working in a LTC facility/Home Health Dietitian I am always looking for information for my patients for weight gain.

  • Thank You

    I have searched the internet for foods to gain weight, I’ve always struggled to gain weight and keep it on. This is the only site I have found that just deals with weight gain. I am excited to try the shakes and snack ideas, if they work I will certainly be back to share.

  • Excellent Resource

    A wonderful easy to follow handout. I plan to keep it in kitchen where I make my smoothies so I can refer to it as needed. Also plan to share it with others who I believe will benefit from it.
    Thank you for making it freely available, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Clean Layout

    I like the look of this handout (readability, aesthetics) and look forward to sharing it with family members of geriatric patients who need more at-home ideas for hi-cal meals and snacks! There are some ideas here I hadn’t thought of and I appreciate the free resource. Thank you!

  • I have a client who lost weight unintentionally. We spoke about ways to increase calories and found this handout helpful.

  • Simple to follow

    I used this handout for a gentleman who has just entered hospice care. His wife wanted to know what to feed him. This was perfect for a spouse who is feeling overwhelmed, as it is easy to read and follow.

  • High calorie shake handout

    I work in LTC, Handout is very helpful as a resource to promote an easy way to increase calorie intake.

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