High Protein Snacks HANDOUT

High protein foods are used to help individuals who are not able to get enough protein in their diet or have a higher protein need.

Some people need help getting more protein

People may need more protein for a variety of reasons:

  • They are unable to meet the RDA for protein
  • Increased needs due to wounds, illness, injury, or recovery
  • Athlete or individual working on increasing muscle mass
  • Older adult or individual being treated for malnutrition. 

This FREE Handout can help!

This FREE High Protein Snacks handout can help you educate your patient with easy and healthy high protein snack ideas. It features colorful photos, portion sizes, and protein estimates for each snack.

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  • High Protein Snacks Handout

    Very good handout. It grabs your attention instantaneously with bright colours. I like that some of the options are combination foods.

  • Simple handout with great graphics

    Thank you so much for this free download! My patients seeking weight loss and DM management will love it.

  • Not your Mama's protein guide!

    Finally a visual guide that offers more than the typical peanut butter and protein powder!! Yes, those are here, but nicely pictured on whole grain bread and with a glass of milk. The visuals look so attractive and appealing – something our vulnerable folks that need a high protein diet really need. I started using this handout TODAY!!!

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