High Calorie Foods SERIES

High calorie foods are used to stop unintended weight loss. Anyone working with frail older adults knows how detrimental unintended weight loss can be.

Unintended Weight Loss is a Real Problem

With unintended weight loss comes loss of muscle. We need muscle to function. To get out of bed in the morning, get dressed, feed ourselves… we need muscles for independence.

Unintended weight loss… it’s a big deal. It robs older adults of their independence. It impacts their quality of life and increases the risk of death and disability.

You can help!

Adding high calorie foods into the diet of an older adult is KEY to stopping unintended weight loss and promoting weight gain. But it takes intention and planning.

This High Calorie Foods SERIES includes client education handouts you can use when working on interventions to stop unintended weight loss with your clients.

What is Included?

This High Calorie Foods SERIES includes 3 PDF handouts:

  • High Calorie Foods List
    • A one-page colorful handout with real pictures to give ideas for high calorie foods to help stop weight loss.
  • High Calorie Foods Grocery List
    • Make grocery shopping easy with a grocery list of high calorie foods. Space is included to add additional items.
  • High Calorie Meal Plan Template
    • This 5-day meal plan includes some ideas for high calorie add-ins with many blank fields so that you can fill in the foods your client likes to eat. A blank meal plan is also included.

Is This JUST for Older Adults?

No! This resource can be used for any client or population that needs a boost of extra calories. My target audience just happens to be seniors! Please note there is no reference to older adults in any of the handouts.

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  • Excellent Resource, Thank You!

    I have used this with clients instructed by their pediatrician to add more nutrient-dense and/or high fat foods to their diets. I also use it to educate parents/caregivers of children with eating disorders or disordered eating. It is easy for them to understand and a great conversation tool for me to use with them. Thank you!

  • I needed a high calorie foods handout in a hurry and this is perfect! This is a such a nice resource for families to use…easy to ready and visually appealing. The grocery list and meal planner pages are a nice bonus! Thank you!

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