Megan Boitano

Megan Boitano

Registered dietitian nutritionist Megan Boitano, MS, RD, helps dietitians leverage their expertise and generate income via creation and sale of online nutrition resources. She is the founder of Well Resourced Dietitian, a digital marketplace for dietitians to both sell and buy original, digital materials for use in their nutrition practices, including ebooks, handouts, presentations, webinars, worksheets and more.

6 Ways to Wow Your Current Clients (And Attract New Ones) by Promoting Gut Health and Immunity

In times of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to connect with our current and future clients with confidence. Knowledge is power. Dietitians have the evidence-based information that empowers our clients to skip the fads and snake oil.

But, research is ever unfolding. And as much fun as it can be to dive down a research rabbit hole occasionally, we have businesses to run!

Brush up on the latest research, efficiently

There are only so many hours in the day. As a nutrition business owner, there are constant demands for your attention. The better you can become at ranking priorities, being efficient with your time, and delegating (yes, delegating!) the more your business can grow.

Save time with our Gut Health Citations. You’ll be adding more than 300 peer-reviewed articles to your toolbox. These curated citations are ready for you to use to craft your next compelling blog post, email to your referring healthcare practitioners and enticing social media captions. The evidence to help our clients is there; let’s use it to boost your business.

Add an opt-in

Today, you can add an attention-grabbing email opt-in on your website. An opt-in is a place on your website where you offer valuable content to your ideal client in exchange for their email address. The Top 8 Immune-Supporting Foods handout is ready to add to your website, right now.

Offer a webinar to gain new clients

With an epidemic of misinformation across the internet, it can be confusing for customers to know who to trust. Whether you work with people on blood sugar management, healthy pregnancy, IBD, sports performance, or weight loss, immune function is on everybody’s minds. During a time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, they can be even more vulnerable to quick-fix schemes and false claims.

Your next clients are looking for your guidance, reassurance and your calm expertise. You have so much to offer! A webinar can add value to your current clients, reengage previous clients as well as give you the platform to connect with your next new clients.

Start with an amazing presentation about how nutrition supports gut and immune function. Or chat about The Microbiome, including the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. (Psst – ours are ready to go). Add your brand name and logo and you’ll be ready to host in a flash – check that off the list!

Schedule your amazing webinar and then promote the event on your social media channels and to your email list. Ask your current clients to bring a friend and offer a valuable bonus to them if they do.

Keep the webinar succinct and leave time to answer questions. If answering questions live makes you feel nervous, have a friend join your webinar and ask a question or two that you’ve practiced in advance. Don’t forget to email all registrants the recording and include a strong call to action – let’s get them on the schedule!

Teach your audience that their immunity starts with a good night’s sleep

Did you know that what we eat and how well we sleep influence one another in a two-way street? Our diet quality influences our sleep quality. And our sleep quality and duration influence our food choices and cravings during the day. Having one piece of the puzzle go awry can knock the other off track.

Creative handouts for presentations can be fun to make, (and a potential opportunity to diversify your income if you market them) but it can also drain precious time you do not have right now. Download our complimentary sleep log and use it to facilitate meaningful conversations about sleep quality and quantity.

If you can help your clients to achieve better sleep, they will also see progress with their nutrition goals and boost their immune function.

Discuss supplements

There are more adults in the US who take supplements than those who do not. Consumers are searching for supplements to boost their immune system, right now.

pills on tan background

Supplements do have a place. While consumers may occasionally see supplements as a loophole to use in place of healthy eating choices — multivitamin and fast-food, anyone? —  you can empower your clients to make safe and effective choices to support their health and wellness goals.

If your clients are interested in using supplements, we need to encourage evidence-based use of them to reach their goals. We also need to guide our clients to purchase high-quality brands within their budgets. It is important for you and your clients to check for possible interactions or contraindications.

Do you work with families? Help them meal plan!

Having a meal plan is the foundation to actually eating well to promote gut health and immune function. Families are very overwhelmed and need your help.

Even under normal circumstances, meal planning feels tricky and overwhelming to many parents. If we want our clients to order takeout less, we need to provide them with the tools to be successful.

Start with lowering added sugar, boosting fiber, and building healthier snacks. Maybe you can start with how to build a Super Salad – one that is delicious, filling, and contains a great mix of all of the macros.

We have a non-branded PDF handout for that that you can send to your current clients or referral partners! Salad can be a filling lunch or dinner without needing to turn on the oven or stove. Salads are also a great place to repurpose leftovers from previous meals.

If parents are feeding a picky eater, a salad bar is a great option to encourage the kiddos to serve themselves and to be less cautious around foods that don’t yet feel familiar. Kids can also assemble a deconstructed salad on a plate where things don’t touch and their bites are dunked into their favorite salad dressing.

You can even decorate your kitchen with a Vegetable ABCs poster. Eating more veggies means a higher intake of gut-boosting fiber.

Why gut health and immunity?

There is no quick fix for gut health or immunity. RDN entrepreneurs know that, but anxious consumers are looking for answers of how to boost their immunity, right now. Creative marketing strategies help to connect you and your ideal clients, even if we are working remotely and virtually.

We can help with long-lasting solutions that start right now. Boost your business and your client’s health by promoting gut health and their immune systems. Save yourself time by not reinventing the wheel – you deserve it!

Check out our entire curated collection, Gut Health and Immunity. These products are the best of the best on WellResourced.

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