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This non-branded handout helps your client to understand the biological effects of not eating enough or getting enough energy. It reviews some of the ways that the body responds to starvation and the consequences of these survival mechanisms. The concepts are presented visually in a simplistic flow chart.

Who this resource is for:


  • with a long standing history of restrictive dieting
  • recovering from an Eating Disorder and restrictive disordered eating patterns
  • pursing weight loss in a very restrictive and unhealthy way

Diet Culture normalizes Calorie Restriction and labels it as”Healthy”

With North America being an extremely weight centric culture, weight loss is always a topic that clients are bound to bring up. Often times, very low calorie intakes are promoted by diets, social media, influencers etc. The reality is that our bodies need a certain level of energy in order to function. Help your clients to learn about why calories are important for survival and optimal wellbeing; shift their focus from subtracting calories to adding nutrition.

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  • useful handout

    Nicely laid out and something I can use. thank you!

  • The Biological Effects of Calorie Restriction

    This is a good educational resource with clients. It is comprehensive, well organized and visually attractive.

  • simple, easy to follow, concise, visually appealing.
    thank you!

  • Simple and concise for clients

    A great handout with a good mix of visual and written explanation in a concise manner.

  • Clear and easy to understand

    This is clear and concise. I like the diagram instead of just dialog.

  • The Biologic Effects of Calorie Restriction

    Thank you for this great resource ! It is concise, comprehensive and easy to use !

  • simple and useful for ED and disordered eating

    this handout is simple and straight forward. I love the info. I work in ED and its just what I need.

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