Page previews of body image bundle, more than 50 resources including activities, client education tools and discussion materials to facilitate body image healing.

Do you have clients that struggle to feel good about their body and what it can do? Perhaps their negative feelings towards their body prevent them from being successful with implementing nutrition changes. Are you as a clinician unsure of how to help clients with their body image, or where to start?

Body image is a vital component of whole-body healing. In conjunction with a mental health provider, Dietitians are a essential resource for their clients to feel better about their bodies and what they can do.

This bundle of over 50 activities and discussion materials was created to bridge the gap between body image research and self-esteem/body image self-help resources. Instead of sifting through and piecing together dozens of materials, this bundle allows Dietitians to easily meet clients where they are and offers a streamlined approach to body image work.

The bundle encompasses a compassionate, trauma-informed and weight-inclusive lens and utilizes elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness.

Whats Included:

  • List of Recommended Additional Learning Topics (that often influence body image work with clients)
  • Dietitian’s Guide to Using the Body Image Bundle with Clients

Over 50 Activities, Client Education Tools and Discussion Materials Including:

  • Two Body Image Assessment Tools
  • Three Initial Body Image Education Handouts, to help client understand what body image is and what body image work may look like
  • One handout with an overview of each of the Pillars of Body Image Positivity
    • Body image positivity is a concept that encompasses a person’s bodily autonomy, self esteem and overall wellbeing. It refers to the assertion that all individuals deserve to feel positively about themselves and their body, regardless of societal, cultural etc. beauty ideals.The Pillars of Body Image Positivity Handout outlines the eleven different research-identified areas that can help individuals to feel better about their bodies. It encourages Dietitians and clients to consider areas of strength for the client, as well as areas that could foster healing, and lead to improved body image overall.

Activities, worksheets, discussion resources and client education materials for each of the Body Image Pillars:

  • Body Functionality & Appreciation
    • Zooming Out – Body Function Beyond Appearance (Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Gratitude Meditation (Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Gratitude Mirror Exposure (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Gratitude Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Write A Thank you Letter To Your Body (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Body Acceptance, Pride & Love
    • 10 Things You Like About Your Body Reflection Activity (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Values Self-Exploration (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • My Value and Sense of Self (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Acceptance Affirmations (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Kindness Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Affectionate Breathing Meditation (Take-Home Activity)
    • Compassionate Body Scan Meditation (Take-Home Activity)
  • Inner Positivity Influencing Outer Demeanor
    • Value Beyond Appearance (Take-Home Activity)
    • Inner Self Portrait (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • My Unique Gifts (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Listening To & Taking Care of The Body
    • Self Care 101 (In-Session Discussion)
    • Self Care Ideas (In-Session Discussion)
    • Self Care Battery Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • My Self Care Plan (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation (Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Scan Meditation (Take-Home Activity)
  • Broadly Conceptualizing Beauty
    • Widening Your View: Redefining Beauty (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Recognizing and Cultivating Beauty Around Us (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Adopting a Sunset Mindset (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Analyzing Beauty Standards (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Media Literacy
    • Media Literacy 101 (In-Session Discussion)
    • Critically Appraising Media Motives (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Mindful Media Consumption (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Supportive Body Image Media Resources (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Unconditional Acceptance from Others
    • Unconditional Acceptance from Others Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Finding Others with a Positive Body Image
    • Finding Others with a Positive Body Image Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Spirituality/Religion & Body Sanctification
    • How Does Your Faith Impact Your Body Image? (In-Session Discussion)
    • Significance of Existence Body Reflection (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body In The Universe (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Positive and Self-accepting Body Talk
    • Self Compassionate Body Talk (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Reframing Critical Body Thoughts (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Cultivating Body Neutrality (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Neutrality Mirror Exposure (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Positive Self Portrait (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
  • Adaptive Coping
    • Factors That Maintain a Negative Body Image (In-Session Discussion)
    • Appearance Assumptions (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Image Cognitive Distortions (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Body Checking & Reassurance Seeking (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Negative Predictions (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Avoidance & Safety Behaviours (In-Session OR Take-Home Activity)
    • Navigating Bad Body Image Moments (In-Session Discussion AND Take-Home Activity)
  • List of References

What to Expect:

  • PDF documents organized into a zip file (you will receive the bundle in its entirety as well as separated so that handouts can easily be shared with clients)
  • Created by a weight-inclusive Eating Disorder Dietitian!
  • Instant electronic download
  • PDF handouts that can be shared digitally with clients or printed
  • All handouts use the same fonts and colour scale, maintaining continuity and professionalism across resources
  • Save yourself HOURS in finding and creating resources to share with clients
  • Non-Branded

DISCLAIMER: This resource is not a substitute for training, and should only be utilized by Dietitians that have completed sufficient training, supervision, and professional development in body image counselling.

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    I have found this such an extensive and valuable resource! I love that each topic has multiple pages so I can pull what I see fit for each client and it has ignited more discussion and ideas in our therapy sessions. Thank you!

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