Do you work with patients on a Low FODMAP diet? This packet is all you need to educate your patients on the basics, and much more!

Includes 32 information-packed printable pages:

  • FODMAP Elimination Diet (2 pages)
    •  this simple Low FODMAP handout that includes diet basics, websites, and resources. This reference is also helpful for practitioners just getting started teaching the Low FODMAP diet.
  • FODMAP Reintroduction (2 pages)
    • Once the FODMAP Elimination Diet is complete, it’s time for FODMAP Reintroduction!  This handout includes guidelines, tips, and a suggested list of specific foods to reintroduce and how to do it.
  • Expanding FODMAP Reintroductions (2 pages)
    • After completing the single FODMAP reintroductions, your clients can expand their diets by adding other FODMAPs from the groups they tolerate.  This chart will help guide them!
  • FODMAP Enzymes (2 pages)
    • Once FODMAP elimination and reintroduction are complete, it’s time for personalization. What if your patient doesn’t tolerate onions, honey, asparagus, or their other favorite FODMAP-containing foods?
    • I recommend trying a FODMAP Enzyme for those problematic FODMAP subgroups. (“Beans give you gas? Try Bean Assist!” “You want to eat out at your favorite restaurant and everything has garlic? Try FODZYME!”) Digestive enzymes are typically well-tolerated and are worth a try. My patients have been raving about FODZYME in particular.
    • This is my patient’s second favorite handout (the first is Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods!)
  • Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods (8 pages) (*my clients’ favorite handout!)
    • This handout includes pictures of commonly used Low FODMAP packaged foods, many of which are available in stores across the country, your local supermarket, or online.
    • Includes OVER 200 images of packaged foods and pantry staples
  • Low FODMAP Pantry Choices (2 pages) 
    • This handout is intended to be used in conjunction with the Monash University Low FODMAP app to help your clients choose the right types and quantities of foods, especially while on the FODMAP Elimination diet. Your clients will want to print out and hang on the refrigerator. This resource is especially helpful for clients who are interested in a quick reference.
  • Common Foods that Contain FODMAPS (2 pages)
    • Your client just finished the FODMAP Reintroduction. They now know what FODMAP subtypes are likely to cause digestive symptoms. Or, they tolerated the test food in a certain category. What other foods might be in that same group? Use this two page visual guide that shows common foods that contain single FODMAPS and which foods contain multiple FODMAPS. Foods are listed by category. If they contain additional FODMAPs, they will have a symbol to indicate which type.
  • Low FODMAP Boosting Breakfast Protein (1 page)
    • Help clients boost their morning protein while on a Low FODMAP diet!
  • Low FODMAP Travel Guide (2 pages)
    • Are your clients worried about eating a Low FODMAP diet while traveling? Eating on vacation doesn’t have to be stressful.  These snack & meal ideas and other tips & tricks will help!
  • Low FODMAP for Athletes – Fueling Guide (1 page)
    • This handout includes Low FODMAP fueling for all types of athletes: from recreational to elite. Great for runners, cyclists, swimmers, climbers, and hikers
  • Low FODMAP Dorm (2 pages)
    • You know following a Low FODMAP Diet is challenging. Following a Low FODMAP Diet while living in a college dorm? It’s really difficult!! College students can use this handout to follow the Low FODMAP diet; includes links to recipes, dorm snacks/staples, and must-have appliances
  • Tips for Acute Diarrhea Low FODMAP– BONUS! ( 1 page)
    • Diarrhea happens… and for those with IBS, the old fashioned BRATT (Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast Tea) diet isn’t a great option, as most of those contain FODMAPs. This free resource will give your Low FODMAP clients recommendations that will work for them!
  • Low FODMAP Pureed Food Pouches (1 page)
    • This handout lists recommendations for tummy friendly, easy-to-digest low FODMAP pureed food pouches.
  • FODMAP Beverages (1 page)
    • Learn which beverages to enjoy and which to avoid while on a low FODMAP diet!
  • Low FODMAP Vegan (2 pages)
    • Help your clients find protein sources while eating vegan on a low FODMAP diet. Suggested serving sizes are listed as well. Included is a resource page with links!
  • FODMAP Gentle (1 page)
    • When on a Low FODMAP diet, learning to swap easy-to-digest foods can help your symptoms improve!

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