page previews of your guide to diabetes and Ramadan.

“Balancing Your Blood Sugar in Ramadan,” your complete guide to optimizing your nutrition during the holy month. This resource has practical tips and detailed food choices to help you maintain energy, manage conditions like PCOS and diabetes, and enjoy a healthy fasting experience in Ramadan.

Inside the Guide:

  • Healthy Fasting Fundamentals: Understand blood sugar balance for improved energy and healthier fasting
  • Special Considerations: Tailored strategies for managing PCOS, diabetes, and inflammation during Ramadan.
  • Balanced Suhur Meals: A curated selection of starchy carbs, proteins, and fats for stable blood sugar.
  • Suhur Plate Building: Step-by-step visuals for balanced meal composition.
  • Non-Starchy Veggies: An extensive list of vegetables to enrich your suhur.
  • Easy Sahur Shakes: Quick recipes for a balanced & easy pre-dawn meal.
  • Iftar Guidelines: Healthy breaking of the fast and meal structuring for optimal blood sugar levels.
  • Smart Sweets: Tips to enjoy sweets with protein to maintain blood sugar.

What Sets This Guide Apart:

  • Tailored for Ramadan: Addresses the unique nutritional challenges faced during fasting.
  • Actionable Advice: Provides practical steps and easy-to-prepare foods that fit into the suhur and iftar meals.
  • Empathetic and Inclusive: Considers various health conditions and offers adaptable recommendations.

Prepare for a healthy, energized fasting experience this Ramadan. Download YOUR FREE GUIDE today and start implementing the strategies for balanced blood sugar and overall well-being!

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    As practical as useful! Visual resource to make MNT choices easy.

  • Great resource!

    I used this handout with a few of my patients and they found it to be very helpful.

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