How many times do patients walk into your office angry and frustrated and say they have been eating saltines and lettuce for 2 weeks due to a high potassium?  Or they are frustrated and confused because they have been looking up high potassium foods and keep getting conflicting information?  Or they just want a list of foods they can eat?

Or how about you?  Are you tired of finding conflicting information so it is hard to provide your patients with accurate recommendations?  Or do you wish you didn’t have to keep trying to find potassium information for commonly eaten foods?

If this sounds like any of your patients (or you), then this list is for you.

This product offers:

  • A more comprehensive list – There are lots of potassium food lists available for free, but this list provides many more foods that patients frequently ask about, including gluten free flours, different types of nuts, cold cereals, desserts, cheeses, yogurts (by brands where possible), and milk alternatives.  An effort has been made to include lower potassium substitutes for high potassium foods on the list as well.   This list has also been recently updated to include protein foods- which are often left off food lists, despite being a significant source of potassium.
  • Easy navigation- organized by low, medium, and high potassium foods, as well as by food group.  Also in larger print than other free lists which makes it easier for those with poor vision to use
  • Portion sizes- to allow for flexibility in the diet
  • Confidence in accuracy in potassium amounts by using portion sizes.  All potassium amounts were obtained from Bowes and Church’s Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, the USDA Food Data Central,  Nutrition coordinating Center Food and Nutrient Database, and where brand names are concerned, the company’s website.
  • Credibility- This list has been used for years in CKD counseling to effectively help patients still enjoy their food and manage potassium levels.
  • A tip sheet providing ideas of how to use this list, especially helpful for those new to kidney disease.


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  • Finally! What we need!

    Finally, a comprehensive potassium guide that lists the actual amounts per serving and not just low versus high foods. The general list of low versus high often causes people to eat too little fruits and vegetables but this is great as they can see just how many servings they can have of the healthful foods they love. I was about to make this myself but no need to reinvent the wheel this was very helpful. Thank you!

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