Fillable Mindful Eating Journal on a computer screen with a background of a plant and coffee

We all know how important intuitive eating is for optimizing gut health!

Client who struggle with gut health, so often have many emotions around food, due to their history of how food has hurt them.

This is why we created this FILLABLE Intuitive Eating Journal (aka Mindful Eating), so that we can better understand our client’s moods, feelings, habits, and tendencies, around eating.

It’s a low stress way to help us help our clients, and we hope you find it helpful as well!

How to use:

  1. You email the fillable PDF to your client
  2. Client saves it to their computer
  3. Client fills it in during the week, and saves each time
  4. Client emails it back to you
  5. That’s it! Very easy!

Categories Include:

  • Date & Time
  • How Hungry? (1-10, 1=starving, 10=stuffed)
  • What do I want to eat?
  • Mood / Feelings before eating
  • Food Eaten: Type and Amount
  • Where and with whom
  • Rate of eating (Slow, moderate, fast)
  • How full after eating? Scale of 1-10 per above
  • How satisfied after eating? 1-5, 1=not at all, 5=very
  • Moods and feelings after eating
  • Additional Comments

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