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This toolkit has been one of the most resources that I have created during my time as a dietitian. 

I find it SO valuable, and almost everyone can benefit. 

When I started as a dietitian in 2012, I spent a LOT of time and energy learning about intuitive eating tools and resources. 

Then, I started to pull together resources and presentations on the topic. It’s been a huge passion of mine.

This toolkit continues to be a fantastic foundation to help guide clients in getting started with intuitive eating… all these years later. 

I STILL use it as a resource when giving presentation or working 1:1 with clients. 

I have updated the look and feel, but the content remains the same. 

You will need to use it as a tool and help to guide clients in understanding each part. 

The algorithm discusses hunger vs appetite. 

It shows you ideally, you want to have appetite WITH hunger! Fantastic. I always remind clients how hunger without appetite isn’t fun.

Then, under appetite, they could go the non-hunger routes of cravings, emotions, or habits. 

It then leads to them choosing their plan in the toolkit. 

The second page shares in bullet format, the benefits to mindful eating, to get clients curious and excited about beneficial outcomes they can see from this approach. 

The food cravings section of the toolkit covers rating the craving on a scale of 1-7, and using distraction, urge surfing, or acknowledgement depending upon their rating. 

The section on emotional eating encourages breath work to create space between thinking about food, and grabbing food. It discusses more than this too. 

The toolkit is fillable where it makes sense, so clients can share their feelings and goals. 

There is a nice hunger scale (which, on the last page is in a full page version for clients to print and hang on their fridge). 

A guide to changing natural preference for Whole Foods. 

And a practice piece of “7 Days of Mindful Eating” that walks clients through very practical tools and tips that they can implement each day, that takes minimal to no extra time! 

There is a section about self-coaching, and a section for them to fill in their mindful eating goals, including potential barriers and getting them to think about how to overcome potential barriers. 

I hope you enjoy! This is one of my favorite handouts of all of ours, considering how life changing I have seen intuitive eating to be for myself and for others. 

Often, with gut health clients, we can overlook intuitive eating practices. But actually, intuitive eating alongside a personalized gut health plan can be a beautiful combination. 

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