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Sleep, chronic stress, and exercise for gut health – can be seen as so underrated… but as we know as dietitians, it is SO important!

That’s why I created this easy handout for clients. 

It includes facts about how sleep, stress, and exercise, can impact gut health. 

And ideas for ways they can improve their sleep, decrease chronic stress, and incorporate more activity. 

These are so foundational to improving gut health, and of course, clients will often not want to spend a lot of the time on a call discussing them (at least at first). 

That is why, you can spend some time during your appointment, and then share this foundational pdf guide. 

Some of the tips they might have heard but forgot, and some might be completely new to them. 

You can ask your client to review the PDF prior to your next call, and to choose just ONE tip or tool that they want to work to implement and create a habit around. 

If they are highly motivated, then they could choose one in each category of sleep, stress, and activity. 

While clients might want to talk more about the “sexy” gut health information during their first appointments with you,

The foundations cannot be overlooked,

And this pdf can help to make sure you’re not bypassing this important information while working with your client on the rest of your gut health plan. 


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