Ever have a client with Crohn’s Disease and wonder the best way to get them well? This protocol has everything you’ll need to treat your clients.

No more self doubt. No more searching multiple sources for answers. With this tried and true functional nutrition protocol (that has already been designed with a compilation of the best ideas and research), get to the root of Crohn’s and your clients will be singing your praises!

I’ve been in private practice for 13 years (and I USED to suffer from Crohn’s personally) and this protocol holds the secrets to my success.

You’ll get 10 pages of:

  • Dietary guidelines
  • Supplements for treatment.
  • Plus: a complete list of supplement options for the gut, including brands and ways to use them!!
  • Testing considerations, co-morbidity considerations, and other things to be aware of with a patient with Crohn’s.

There are a total of 13 protocols available.  Purchase them as a complete set for a discount of 15% off price, if purchased individually.

Below is a sample page from one of my protocols to show you how the content is organized and structure/details.  Each protocol is custom for the condition, but follows the same general layout.



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  • Not as described

    I purchased this expecting to see a protocol to follow with a patient- not a bulleted list of several suggestions (AIP, etc). I thought it might include foods and/or menu items or something to actually follow- with this- you still have to go to another source. This is a marketing tool for their supplements. The majority of the supplements recommended are the ones they make/sell. Very disappointed in this purchase and frustrated I wasted 15 dollars for less information that could be found on the first item in a google search

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