Do you ever find yourself sitting with a client when you are struck by the sinking feeling that you are not sure how you are going to help them?

Could you use a professional guide on how to treat your clients? 

I have been in private practice for 13 years. In the last five years, my practice has emphasized integrative and functional nutrition. By popular demand, I have gathered together my most effective treatment plans into protocols, so that I can share them with other RDs.

We all know the confusion and frustration that comes with starting new treatment plans from scratch, or trying to wander through multiple sources for answers. Well, search no more! My protocols have been designed with a compilation of the most effective strategies and current research, as well as my own experience with 100’s of clients.

Each protocol is mindfully crafted as a roadmap for a specific health condition.

if you purchase the protocols, you will get:

  • Dietary guidelines and suggestions
  • Supplements for treatment
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Testing considerations, co-morbidity considerations, and other details to be aware of with a patient with the condition

This comprehensive product bundle includes all 14 treatment protocols listed below.  Purchased separately, these protocols are $195, a savings of more than 15%.   To purchase an individual protocol, click the specific health condition.

  1. ADHD
  2. Clostridium difficile infection
  3. Anxiety and depression
  4. Crohn’s disease
  5. GERD
  6. Lyme disease
  7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  8. Perimenopause
  9. Post-viral infection
  10. Psoriasis
  11. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  12. Ulcerative colitis
  13. HPA axis dysfunction
  14. H Pylori

Many of the protocols reference the 5R gut healing protocol that is outlined in detail in my eBook. This eBook goes into much greater depth regarding gut health and treatment, and can enrich and compliment treatment using the protocols.  Purchased separately, the eBook is $27.99.

Purchase a complete set of treatment protocols, and the book will be included for just an additional $10.  That is a savings of 65% off the regular price!  To purchase the complete set of 14 treatment protocols (56 pages) and the 135 page ebook, click here!

Below is a sample page from one of my protocols to show you how the content is organized and structure/details.  Each protocol is custom for the condition, but follows the same general layout.



These protocols are intended to be used as guides for dietitians to provide as part of a larger treatment plan. They are not intended for a patient to use on his/her own. The protocols have general strategies, interventions, and treatments. Any protocol still has to be adjusted to the individual patient’s specific needs by a qualified professional.  It is the dietitian’s responsibility to discern what aspects of the protocol are appropriate and which aspects are not appropriate to the patient’s needs. It is not the responsibility of Health Takes Guts, Inc. to guarantee results or mitigate risks of implementation.


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    USe them for all my contracts… Thank you so much for this program. It has made my professional work so much easier.

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