Nutrition 101 is a great presentation for when you are asked to pitch a wellness account, provide basic nutrition information to a broad audience or get your foot in the door with a new account. The presentation is in PPT format so you can MODIFY to your own specific needs and meet your customer’s requests.

The presentation starts by clarifying reputable nutrition information resources vs. “nutrition noise” from psuedo-science. Then, the presentation details seven different key points of basic nutrition and helps the participants create a specific goal for behavior change in each of the different key points. Topic areas include:

  • Water Intake
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Healthy Protein
  • Healthy Fats
  • Smart Carbohydrates
  • Timing of Meals
  • Basic Exercise Goals
  • Goal Setting

Download the FREE goal setting sheet to compliment this presentation.

I have used this presentation in corporate wellness programs including locations in a law firm, manufacturing plant, business environment and school district employees.


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  • Easy, basic nutrition for the public. Thanks!

    Sometimes I get too academic in my presentations so this was an easy introduction to compliment the diabetes/PCOS presentation I’m doing virtually. The pictures were helpful visuals and the whole thing easily flows for basic learners.

  • A great presentation on the basics!

    I would definitely recommend this presentation for anyone needing/wanting a general wellness-type presentation. It covers all the basic points of beginning nutrition and even provides a hand-out for participants to set their own personal goals for improvement.

  • Great basic presentation for any audience

    Needed a basic presentation for a last minute request and this worked perfectly. I was able to customize for my audience- it was a perfect template for almost any audience. Thank you!

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