Low FODMAP Guide to support clients struggling with gut health and irritable bowel syndrome, to re-introduce high FODMAP foods while monitoring symptoms.

Perfect guide for clients ready to start re-introducing high FODMAP foods!

This guide provides suggested foods in each high FODMAP category, for clients to try, and then track progress on the color-matching tracking sheet.

You as the clinician can then monitor a client’s progress easily, since the client will be tracking the quantity of high FODMAP food, time of the day, and potential symptoms experienced (or not).

This is a really easy way for clients on the low FODMAP eating plan to start reintroducing foods, without getting overwhelmed.

It guides clients step by step and gives only a few food options to start with in each category (you, as the dietitian, can suggest a substitution if they don’t like a food suggestion).

As we all know, with low FODMAP, we need to make sure to not overwhelm clients, while giving them enough information to get them started.

This is why I created this simple and minimalist re-introduction guide, to give clients the information they need, without overwhelming them.

It’s color coded to make it even simpler to follow.

I’ve been in practice as a dietitian since 2012, and have worked in Digestive Health in some way, through my entire career.

I started a private practice in 2016, which has evolved into Oswald Digestive Clinic, where we now have an entire team of digestive health dietitians.

This handout was created for our clinic, and used in many ways from client care, to a supplement for group classes or presentations.

We hope you find it as helpful as we have!

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