Low FODMAP handout and food idea guide

Perfect easy guide for clients just getting started! It’s simple and easy to follow, comprehensive but not overwhelming.

I love this handout because it gives clients a gentle easy guide, while provides information for them to dig deeper once they’re ready, with how to download and use the Monash app.

It’s broken down into food category, and has some low FODMAP brand options.

I give this to clients new to the low FODMAP eating plan, and I walk alongside them to answer questions as they come up, and to provide more resources as needed.

As we all know, with low FODMAP, we need to make sure to not overwhelm clients, while giving them enough information that can get them started.

This is a great guide for that purpose.

I’ve been in practice as a dietitian since 2012, and have worked in Digestive Health in some way, through my entire career.

I started a private practice in 2016, which has evolved into Oswald Digestive Clinic, where we now have an entire team of digestive health dietitians.

This handout was created for our clinic, and used in many ways from client care, to a supplement for group classes or presentations.

The handout starts by explaining what low FODMAP is, then introduces the Monash University low FODMAP app and how to download (with direct link on the handout) and use this as a tool.

Then, the food sections include (because as you know, some clients don’t want to pay for the app, at least to start): low FODMAP Dairy, low FODMAP vegetables, legumes, low FODMAP fruits, low FODMAP fats & oils, low FODMAP breads & grains, low FODMAP nuts & seeds, low FODMAP sweeteners, and all combined can be used as a low FODMAP shopping list.

The next section is on reintroducing high FODMAP foods followed by low FODMAP certified brands.

The very end shares a link to a low FODMAP recipe Pinterest board, that readers can click to directly go to for free low FODMAP recipe inspiration and ideas, that they can save and use.

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