Heart Healthy Grocery Guide

This handout is aimed at adults struggling to know which foods to purchase for heart health.  The first page provides helpful information regarding the AHA’s heart-check labeling and describes what to look for on nutrition facts labels while the second page gives a specific list of heart healthy foods to look for when navigating through the grocery store.

Help empower clients by showing them exactly what they CAN eat, not only what they can’t.  And get them on the right track to heart health once and for all!

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and does not include brand name items.

Following heart healthy diet restrictions can be frustrating!

Thinking about all the foods you CANNOT eat can be unpleasant and depressing.  Heart patients may feel overly restricted and unsure how to change their eating patterns or food choices and want to quit before they even start.

Knowing that facts are a great place to start when taking charge of one’s heart health.  It gives you the know-how of where change needs to happen.   What nutritional habits do you have that could be improved? And what resources do experts recommend to make eating healthier easier?

Here’s the answer!

Get familiar with which foods may be adding unnecessary fat, sodium and cholesterol to your diet.  Not only that, but educate yourself on alternatives to these foods so you feel less unhappy making changes and more CONFIDENT AND FULFILLED!  American Heart Association Guidelines are referenced and a reputable source for all things heart-related.

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Here’s to eating heart healthy for life!
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  • Clear & Effective!

    Super-supportive tool. I have used this with clients and it works out very well. Format is great. It is very clear and effective.

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