page preview gluten free meal and snack ideas

How many times have your patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity asked you, “What can I eat?”

People find it hard to avoid gluten because they run out of ideas and don’t have a meal routine.

Here’s a great list of ┬áideas that will not only:

  • empower your patients to develop a gluten-free meal routine but
  • will also help avoid “meal monotony.”

Your patients will have the tools to prepare healthy, but simple, meals and snacks. These meal ideas will keep you patient well-nourished and help them realize that, even without the gluten, their meals can be delicious, as well as nutritious!


page preview gluten free meal and snack ideaspage preview gluten free meal and snack ideas


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  • These GF meal and snack ideas are helpful!

    Thank you for this helpful list of easy GF meal and snack ideas.
    Sometimes the clients I work with choose to do a GF diet short-term to see if it helps GI issues. They often feel overwhelmed with making decisions and worried about eating gluten. I needed a quick list for a client, and I know this will help them.

  • Helpful meal ideas

    I’m not an RDN that specializes in the gluten-free diet. I like this handout because it provides some good snack and meal ideas without including brand names. I prefer brand names not to be listed because brands can be regional.

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