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Perfect easy gluten and dairy-free guide for clients just getting started! It’s simple and easy to follow, comprehensive but not overwhelming.

When clients are introduced to a new way of eating, we know they are often overwhelmed.

That’s why it is important to provide them with a resource to reference after your appointment, since they might only remember half of what you talk about during the appointment.

I love this handout because it gives clients a gentle easy guide, while provides information for them to dig deeper once they’re ready.

It’s broken down by gluten and dairy, provides the basic information, and gives really important information beyond the basics (such as how some products might contain gluten that you wouldn’t think of – such as cosmetics). 

There is a link that goes to a gluten and dairy-free Pinterest board for recipes, also.

This 6-page handouts DOES contain gluten-free and dairy-free food lists by food category. The protein section contains meat and meat-free ideas. But it doesn’t have actual recipes (that is why we included the Pinterest board link). 

This is a wonderful guide that you can use during your visit introducing the gluten and dairy-free eating plan to a client, and for them to have a take-away resource for them to feel more confident getting started.

If you see clients virtually, then you can encourage them to print this and post it on the fridge as they get started. 

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