This does not include PDF versions of the forms. It is a series of codes used to embed each form directly into your Practice Better account. You can print PDF versions of each of the forms after you have unlocked them in your PB free or paid practitioner account.

Feeling overwhelmed in starting your nutrition practice? Want to be sure you collect all important information from your client from start to finish? This package has the forms you need to be sure you’re covered on all bases!

Use the hours I spent to save you time and hassle and start seeing clients with confidence right away.

In this package, you will get Practice Better codes for each of the forms I have created. These are not PDF versions of the forms, but rather the codes used with Practice Better’s sharing forms capability.

All forms included (and the number of pages your clients will electronically complete) are;

  • Discovery Inquiry Form (1 page)
  • Discovery Call Application (2 pages)
    • Challenges, barriers and past attempts
    • Readiness quiz
  • Health Insurance Verification Guide (1 page)
  • Physician Referral Form (1 page)
  • Client/Practitioner Agreement with Credit Card Authorization (1 page, includes the following sections)
    • Practitioner Responsibilities
    • Client Responsibilities
    • Package Features
    • Additional Features
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Financial Responsibility Policy with payment plan options
    • Insurance Policy
    • Disclaimer
    • Discontinuation of Services clause
    • CC Information with Authorization
  • Client Intake Form (6 pages)
    • Demographics and Physician Information
    • Health History
    • Medication, Dental and Allergies
    • Diet History, Habits and Preferences
    • Lifestyle and Other Factors
    • Health Concerns, Challenges, and Goals
  • Meal Plan Intake Form (4 pages for EatLove, but can be used with other meal planning systems)
    • Personal Information and Diet Needs
    • Current Eating Habits
    • Family and Lifestyle
    • More about You
  • SMART Goal Form (1 page)
  • Client Follow-up Assessment (1 page)
  • Client Testimonial (1 page)
    • Includes consent to allow content creation and marketing opportunities
  • Initial Assessment Note Template
  • Follow-Up Session Note Template
  • Final Session Note Template

Each form in this download will also include tips on how to create automations for utilizing each form!

Simply go to your Forms & Waivers section, click the red (+) button and “create from template,” select “unlock templates” and paste in the code provided! From there, all you need to do is customize with your practice information and details within each form.

The note templates will need to be added under your note template section, following similar directions described above.

Please note that there are no refunds for this product. If you’d like to get an idea of what you’ll be downloading before you buy, I highly recommend that you check out my free Discovery Call Inquiry Form. This and my other Practice Better forms come in the same format with embedding code.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how easy it is to customize and create PDF forms, even with a free Practice Better account!

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  • Saved me a lot of time!

    Jen’s Practice Better resources are a game-changer! Her thoughtfully designed forms and templates have saved me precious time in my practice. Sending personalized resources to clients is now a breeze. Highly recommend!

  • She thought of everything.

    I cant even guess how many hours this bundle saved me. And its hours of busy work that none of us really have time for. These were easy to download and edit. Even the forms that I didnt think I would use, I ended up downloading and using. She really thought of everything, and then some. This bundle is worth more than the price to be honest. Thank you so much Jen!

  • Very helpful!

    Very helpful documents. Has saved me so much time, honestly probably a week or two worth of work, allowing my to launch my biz a month sooner.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This was an incredible timesaver for me. I really appreciate this product. It was certainly worth every penny. The little notes on how to use the different forms were also invaluable. Several of them were things I hadn’t thought of that provided me with a big Ahaa! moment. Thank you so much for making this resource available.

  • Incredibly helpful!

    These forms were so well done and easy to follow. I was switching from another EHR to Practice Better and feeling a little lost. These forms helped me to uplevel what I was already using AND create new forms along with automations. Jen was super helpful with any questions I had.

  • This has saved me so much time getting my private practice up and running. I work full-time and building my business on the side, so time is money. I don’t think I’d be as far along as I am now if I didn’t have this. The instructions are super easy to understand and upload into Practice Better. Thanks Jen!

  • gave me confidence to dive into Practice Better

    Getting started in Practice Better has been on my goals list for awhile. This kit was great with exact instructions on how to load templates into Practice Better and directions how to put in automations. I had only created a PB account and felt overwhelmed with what next. Being able to load these templates into the system (even though I am not to automation yet) has helped me feel less stressed about that goal. I have the resources i can refer to and plan to go back, once I get more of the system set up. Thank you for relieving some of my start up anxiety, highly recommended if you need a push and some momentum building to dive into PB.

  • HUGE time saver!

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. Such a great time saver and totally worth the money.

  • Best Investment to get you up and running in Practice Better!

    The complete client form package was exactly what I was looking for! Jen did an amazing job creating and explaining each form, and it was so easy to integrate them into PB. Even though I’ve had Practice Better for while, these forms were exactly what I needed to help me feel more confident in running my Private Practice. Thank you Jen!


    I recently switched from Kalix to Practice Better. These templates have been a fantastic resource. I was able to easily modify the templates to fit the needs of my clients. I also just started using the package/program model and having the practitioner/client coaching agreement has been a great help.
    Jen is detail oriented and has created a great starter set for anyone using Practice Better.
    The complete client form package for PB is definitely worth the money. I was able to save time and get my clients started with the new platform right away.
    I also just started using EatLove and it has been helpful to have the forms to get clients started with the meal planning support.
    Highly recommend!!!

  • Complete Client Form Package for Practice Better

    Totally worth the money. What a time saver for someone starting a new practice and has a million other things to do. Thank you.

  • This was worth every penny! If you have a new practice and utilize Practice better and EatLove then these forms will save you so much time and energy.
    Thanks Jen!

    -Alex Nicolette MS, RD

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