If you are new to the non-diet approach, you may find that your clients feel disoriented without a diet plan and you feel unsure about how to guide them.  

How do we help clients with meal planning without sounding like another diet?  What is gentle nutrition and how do we deliver it to clients in a way that still supports their health?

Use the Build My Fuel Mix™ Worksheets to guide meal planning during sessions, or give them to the clients to use on their own.  The clients will have easy to remember combinations to help simplify the decision making process when it’s time to eat.

The Build My Fuel Mix™ Worksheets include:

  • Gentle nutrition education about the macronutrients
  • Worksheets to build breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack

The My Fuel Mix™ Framework is a personalized approach to add structure with flexibility to meal planning.  It provides an anchor for the non-diet journey that helps the client feel secure while they practice trusting their body cues.

Check out the My Fuel Mix™ Workbook, Meal Planning & Macronutrient Guide to learn more.


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  • Wonderful worksheet

    This is the best‼️ Very helpful & informative thank you.

  • Fabulous Client Tool!

    This tool is so easy to use with clients looking to create balanced meal ideas.
    The graphics are perfect!

  • Very pleasing graphics.

    This will be very helpful in working with patients that desire a great meal planning tool.

  • Spot on!

    Used part of this tool yesterday for a client and so far so good. Client really engaged and was jazzed about completing the action of using hunger scale and reporting back. I felt it was easy to use and have a plan beyond an initial visit now!

  • Build my fuel mix worksheets

    Very nice design and graphics.
    Perfect for using with clients seeking a non-diet approach!

  • Great graphics and easy to understand

    I appreciate the non-diet approach of this handout! This handout is easy to understand and gives brief explaination of each macronutrient, then meal planning sheets to include each one in every meal. Helpful for reveiwing meal ideas with patients.

  • Awesome client tool!

    Thanks so much for sharing these handouts! They are perfect for my foundational approach with clients to focus on PFC!!:)
    highly recommend to help clients feel empowered to meal plan with structure and guides!

    • Hi Jean-
      Thank you for the feedback! Great to hear that the handouts work with your foundational approach! Clients benefit greatly from having a plan that is flexible.

      warmest aloha,

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