Learn the 10 things to do to get your business started.

Many dietitians want to know how to set up and start a private practice.  You might want to open a business in order to:

  • Make a bigger impact with clients
  • Make more money
  • Have a work schedule that fits the life you want
  • Leave a job eventually (it doesn’t have to be next week!)
  • See more of your ideal clients
  • Feel valued for the important work you do

Your future business will make a difference.

This free roadmap will help get you started without the guesswork and overwhelm. 

In this guide, The 10 Steps to Start Your Private Practice, you will have the path to begin your business within a month.

  1. Write it on your calendar
  2. Understand how to work with your mindset
  3. Take 1-2 hours to understand the legal side of business
  4. Think about your ideal client (but you don’t have to niche down just yet!)
  5. Set up the most important piece of your office – collecting payments
  6. Announce you’re open!
  7. Network where your ideal client and referral sources are hanging out
  8. Practice selling your services
  9. Do good work with clients
  10. Get your support system in place

Don’t start your business without this roadmap!

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