More than 50% of Americans are using multivitamins to meet their nutrient requirements. Use this handy guide to show clients how easy it is to get all their nutrients from food instead!

Does your client require more B12? Vitamin C? This document will easily tell them what they should be eating.

It contains:

  • Top four foods for all vitamins and minerals
  • General recommendations for how much they should be getting per nutrient/per day
  • Clearly defined categories for fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins, and minerals.
  • At least one vegetarian/vegan option for every nutrient
  • A sample menu including foods listed to demonstrate how to meet requirements with food alone
  • Visually appealing, bright, and easy-to-use graphics

No longer will you spend time searching for “food highest in ‘x’ nutrient.” This will help your clients while saving you time as well!

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