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Kidney stone nutrition can be complicated. There is no one “kidney stone diet” that will work for everyone. Kidney stone nutrition MUST be individualized to kidney stone type and urine risk factors.

For effective kidney stone MNT, it is critical that dietitians understand what patient’s urine risk factors are and how to target them. A 24-hour urine test is the only way to know what patients’ urine risk factors are. This test also provides invaluable information about patient’s current diet and risk of forming another stone. These tests can be confusing and difficult to interpret for even the most seasoned health professional.

The Ultimate Kidney Stone Bundle is here to help!

The Ultimate Kidney Stone Bundle for Registered Dietitians includes:

  • A 20 page guide to help dietitians understand how to individualize nutrition interventions for patients with kidney stones
  • A 24-hour urine cheat sheet  – easily understand 24-hour urine results and how to target your intervention
  • 6 client handouts!
    • Nutrition For Kidney Stones – fully customizable with my checklist format – suitable for ALL kidney stone types
    • Tips to Drink More Fluid
    • Calcium Sources for Kidney Stones
    • Citrate & Kidney Stones
    • Kidney Stone Friendly Snacks
    • Oxalate List

Step up your kidney stone game today!

For a more comprehensive offer, check out my online course: Dishing Out Prevention: Complete Kidney Stone Training for Registered Dietitians!


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  • Helpful bundle!

    The only issue I ran into with my patient is that on the balanced plate handout it lists beef/red meat as something to consume in a balanced portion, but on the other handout it lists beef/red meat as a food group to avoid because of the purines- as an RD I realize here and there might not make or break your diet in small amounts, but for my patient it came up as a contradiction and made them unsure of using the handout overall.

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