The world of nutrition is already a confusing one for many of our clients. They want to know what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, and they tend to make it way more complicated than it needs to be (hands up if you get me!). Luckily for you, I’ve got THE nutrition resource to save the day – and the super simple method your clients can use to put together fast, healthy meals. 

If you’re not already following me on Instagram (you should! 😉 I’m @theteachingdietitian over there, too!), you might not have heard about my PFFC Method. PFFC stands for Protein, Fat, Fiber, and Color, and this is the simple method I use to coach clients through constructing healthy meals. Plus, it’s so versatile you can use it with ANY cuisine and you’re not limited by the Plate Method (I promise, I’m not throwing shade at the Plate Method!). In fact, I like to use the PFFC Method with the Plate Method sometimes to give clients a greater understanding about how easy it is to structure healthy meals and do it quick! 

My other secret to creating quick, simple, and healthy meals is to use recipe FRAMEWORKS and you’re in luck because this guide contains 3 full recipe frameworks! 

This PFFC-Friendly Meal Guide contains:

  • PFFC Method Basics, including a PFFC + the Plate Method diagram for visual learners too!
  • PFFC-Friendly Smoothies Recipe Framework
  • PFFC-Friendly Nourish Bowls Recipe Framework
  • PFFC-Friendly Sheet Pan Meal Recipe Framework

This guide is best-suited for ANY of your clients that struggle with creating healthy, fast, and simple meals whether they’re a college-student living alone in need of things on-the-go, or a working mom of 3 looking to get a meal on the table quick. Why don’t you snag this resource today so my PFFC Method can help you help your clients even better? 🙂


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  • This is exactly what I was looking for!

    I was looking for an alternative to the Plate Method for clients and this hit the mark! Thank you for such a high quality, easy to use reference! One Question: in the smoothie section, it is recommended to use 1 cup of protein powder. Is this correct?

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