Table of contents preview for the IBD Nutrition Starter Kit for RDNs.

The IBD Starter Kit for RDNs

The relationship between nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is complex. Condensing the information into a short one-hour session with a new IBD patient can feel like an impossible task!

First you need to establish the fundamentals of healthy eating with IBD because the success of any dietary approach requires a solid foundation.

With this 50+ page guide, you will find everything you need to teach and empower your new IBD patients to use food and nutrition to feel better and improve gut health while feeling less overwhelmed by information overload.

What’s included?

  • Talking points to help you explain the important role diet plays in the pathogenesis, progression and treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Advice for how to identify and treat common micronutrient deficiencies in IBD.
  • A patient-friendly list of common food triggers for people with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.
  • The truth about fiber and IBD.
  • Expert advice on how patients with IBD can eat a variety of wholesome high-fiber foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • An answer to the popular patient question “What foods should I avoid eating altogether?”
  • A simple and visually appealing one page summary of dietary recommendations for IBD patients.
  • A mindful eating questionnaire to help your patients improve digestion because how your patients eat is as important as what they eat.
  • Four guiding principles to help RDNs provide optimal nutrition care to IBD patients.
  • Thoughtful answers to six frequently asked questions from IBD patients.
  • A straightforward overview of popular IBD diets.
  • Seven beautiful and comprehensive patient-friendly food lists with low-roughage recommendations that you can share with your patients.
  • A 5-day sample meal plan for patients with active and inactive disease.
  • 12 delicious, easy-to-make IBD-friendly recipes to help your patients enjoy and tolerate a variety of wholesome foods.
  • A handy list of favorite food and supplement products for IBD patients – RDN-approved!


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  • Outstanding resource!

    The resource provides guidance, options for food choices, a menu and recipes to help your patient as well as the clinician. The content is high quality, professionally presented and thorough. I am grateful this resource is available and am happy to support other Dietitians!

  • Very thorough!

    Thank you for a very thorough and beautifully laid out resource!

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