This cheat sheet pack has all the tools to help you succeed! Perfect for dietitians working with athletes and active people, as well as dietitians that are athletes themselves. You won’t know what you did without these cheat sheets!

Use these handouts to personalize fueling and hydration plans for your athletes. Step-by-step fill-in-the-blank guides for hydration, carb loading, endurance fueling, and more. It’s a treasure trove of information you can use!

If you work with athletes, you need this pack!

This pack answers questions like:

When should I pick a sports drink over water?

How much carbs do I need for for endurance training?

How do I know if a supplement is any good?

What are the differences in protein powders?

What’s an easy way to meal-prep?


  1. Hydration Cheat Sheet: Tool for calculating hydration needs during exercise
  2. Carb Chart Fueling Guide: Graphic with carb needs for various exercise durations
  3. Hydration Decision Tree: Teach your client how to decide when to use water, sports drink, and electrolytes
  4. Endurance Fueling Guide: How to calculate calories, protein, fluids for endurance training + race-day nutrition tips
  5. What to eat before, during, and after workouts: Carb fueling for endurance training
  6. Power Grain Bowl Meal Planning Infographic: Meal prep made easy for busy athletes
  7. Rock Climbing Nutrition Infographic: What to eat before, during, and after climbing
  8. Rock Climbing Nutrition Cheat Sheet:How to calculate macros and fluid needs for climbing + suggested supplements for climbing
  9. On-the-go Snack and Lunch Ideas: Easy meal prep for busy athletes
  10. Supplement Buying Guide: Questions to ask before purchasing supplements
  11. Sweat Rate Cheat Sheet: Tool to calculate sweat rate
  12. Protein Powder Guide
  13. Supplement Usage guide

NOTE: These handouts are for educational purposes only. They can be duplicated for incidental personal and client/patient use only. They cannot be copied for wide distribution in print or on websites, blogs, social media, etc. They are not for resale.

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