Hey there, fellow RD!  Have you ever wanted to give a group or 1:1 talk to athletes about sports nutrition, but didn’t know where to start? Do you need easy to read handouts to give to clients during 1:1 counseling sessions or in a group format? This bundle can help you! NEW: 1) Identifying and treating iron deficiency in athletes (for RDs), 2) equations for calculating energy and hydration needs, 3) Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fluid worksheet for athletes and RDs, 4) “What is Normal Eating” handout, 5) “Stop Body Checking” handout, 6) Balanced vs Unbalanced Exercise, 7) Plant-based sources of calcium and protein handouts.

RD info sheets include:

  1. Sample letter to coach/prospective client
  2. Sample contract for speaking engagement
  3. RD info sheet on nutrient timing for athletes (with references)
  4. Athlete nutrition intake/assessment form
  5. Estimating athletes’ macronutrient needs
  6. NEW! Equations for calculating energy and hydration needs
  7. NEW! Identifying and treating iron deficiency in athletes

Athlete handouts include:

  1. Sports Nutrition 101
  2. Nutrient Timing (pre-, during, and post-competition)
  3. Steps on building a balanced plate for light, moderate, and heavy training intensities
  4. Components of a balanced plate
  5. FAQ page
  6. Benefits of fruit and veggies
  7. Recipes
  8. Athletes’ grocery shopping guide
  9. Snack shopping guide
  10. Tips for dining out
  11. General serving size guidelines
  12. Competition day performance fuel checklist
  13. Causes and prevention of muscle cramps
  14. Supplements
  15. Iron
  16. Sources of high quality protein
  17. Sources of quality carbohydrates
  18. Sources of unsaturated fats
  19. “Snack Builder” handout
  20. Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fluid Worksheet
  21. Periods & Performance
  22. Macronutrient infographic (3 pages)
  23. NEW! Plant-based sources of calcium
  24. NEW! Plant-based sources of protein
  25. NEW! What is Normal Eating?
  26. NEW! Stop Body Checking
  27. NEW! Balanced vs Unbalanced Exercise
  28. NEW! Handy Guide to Portion Sizes
  29. NEW! Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods


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  • Everything I Needed

    This bundle e has it all and covers it well. Everything I need for my group talks!

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