Are you looking for easy-to use templates and documents?

This package includes many forms required by private practice dietitians.

The following forms can:

  • Save you precious time
  • Help with consistency of delivered service

This package includes:

  • Dietitian report template (to send to physician/doctor)
    • Breaking down the main topics discussed with patient and the format in which to write the letter
  • Business fax sheet with confidentiality statement (to send with report)
  • Personalized referral forms
    • For the use of physicians, dietitians or physiotherapists who want to refer a patient to you
  • Behavioral goal setting page
    • This sheet is for use by the patient during session to write down long-term behavior goals (homework or modifications) and 3 short-term goals to put into practice before next session
  • Limiting factors client documents
    • This document enables patients to write down, at home, which obstacles stand in their way of achieving their 3 short term goals. Patient then brings this sheet to the session so that Dietitian can help find solutions to overcoming the obstacles listed

All you need to do is insert YOUR logo and company information in the specified areas to personalize the forms to your business!

This document is available to you in a MICROSOFT WORD format, which you can then save as a PDF format once you have personalized it.

Wondering what to do with the forms once you have personalized them? How do you distribute them electronically? Via your email? Your website? Or with Practice Better? Check out my store to access the free resource on this topic!

I have been counselling full-time in the private industry for over 10 years. This has given me the opportunity to make adjustments to these forms over time, until they were just right.


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  • Private Practice Bundle, Marketing and Reimbursement

    I was able to download and review several materials purchased. The only ones I have not been able to open are any document sent as Zip. Can you please save them as word documents and resend? Thanks Mike?

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