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Most people are well aware of how food affects their physical well-being, most don’t realize the dramatic impact it has on their mental and emotional well-being. While there are many things out of our control that affect our mental health, nutrition is an extremely valuable resource that we have the ability to alter in a favorable way that can lead to less depression and anxiety. This booklet is the perfect resource for anyone looking to use food to positively impact their mood. Based on the research done by Dr. Drew Ramsey and colleagues in the field of nutritional psychiatry, this booklet includes the following resources:

  • Food for Feelings Wheel that includes 12 nutrients shown by research to help decrease feelings of depression
  • Individual pages on each nutrient with specific information regarding sources, amounts needed, and impact on brain health
  • Food Log to help track how often you are consuming the 12 nutrients
  • Food and Feelings Food Log that helps track how your emotions impact your appetite and food choices
  • And much more!

All information provided supports an all foods fit, health at every size, non-diet approach to food and nutrition.


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  • Excellent

    This booklet is packed with great information on all things “food and mood” – I used it to help supplement a presentation I gave to my patients on this topic. They were all so interested in the info + loved the beautiful & eye-catching handouts from this packet. Highly recommend!

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