Intended Audience: Providers working in the behavioral health, mental health and addictions space.

Problem/issue the product solves: There is a lack of patient education handouts for behavioral health, mental health and addiction in relation to its role in nutrition.

Key Features: 

Understanding Depression: Depression can cause severe distress and poor functioning at work, school, and in the family. Episodes of depression are marked by a constant sense of despair, worthlessness, or hopelessness often coupled with loss of interest in usual activities, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, difficulty making decisions, changes in sleeping patterns, or significant change in weight. Severity and duration of episodes vary from person to person.

This handout includes:

  • Risk Factors
  • Vitamins & Mineral Implication
  • Changes to Nutrition Intake that may occur and nutrition tips to overcome it (in chart form)


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  • Not very useful

    Not a very useful handout in terms of giving nutrition tips for people managing depression. For example, it is often not realistic for them to spend a lot of time meal planning/prepping, let alone getting up and eating regularly at times. I was expecting more realistic tips listed for people in those situations.

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