This handout will help you get started with your MRT/LEAP counseling session, it not only provides resources for the patient but also resources designed exclusively for dietitians (i.e., step-by-step guide on how to transition between phases of the protocol).

At the beginning, an MRT/LEAP counseling session can be very overwhelming for the patient as it’s jam-packed with new information about the patient’s MRT results and the implementation nuances of the LEAP diet protocol. Plus, all the common questions that usually arise during this session (i.e., how long should I be on this diet protocol? Why do I have to keep food records?, why should I avoid dairy if I’m not sensitive, etc.).

Having take-home materials and educational resources available helps the client/patient feel more at ease with the information provided, knowing they have a framework to follow and go back anytime after the session ends. Plus, as a dietitian, you can rest assure all the essential information of the LEAP diet protocol is provided to your patient (as you know, with LEAP there are a ton of recommendations and things to assess at each phase, therefore, having a resource exclusively design for you will help you get through all of them without relying solely on your memory!).

Patient Resources (7-pages):

  • “Before You Start” page with tips to keep in mind before starting the diet protocol (includes a Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipe to motivate patients to stay hydrated).
  • “Understanding the LEAP diet protocol” page including answers to common questions (what’s the LEAP diet protocol? How it works?)
  • To get your patients started with simple recipes, the handout includes:
    • “Built Your Own MRT-approved Nourish Bowl”
    • “Built Your Own MRT-approved Nourish Smoothie”
  • Grocery List template organized by grocery store section

Dietitian Resources (15-pages):

  • “Tips for Your Counseling Session” includes answers to common questions.
  • “How to Start & Transition” a step-by-step guide on how to guide your patient through the different phases and relevant considerations for you to implement at each phase.
  • “Troubleshooting” includes information about different food ingredients and diet considerations to keep in the loop.
  • “Pocket Guide to Food Chemicals” includes information such as definition, brand names, and common sources.
  • “Management of Specific Symptoms” includes information about things to consider when dealing with migraines, IBS/IBD, topical symptoms (rashes, eczema), and arthritis.
  • “Additional Resources” includes:
    • Tyramine sources handout
    • Fructose sources handout
    • Dirty Dozen™ and Clean Fifteen™ List


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  • Excellent Information, but somewhat disappointed!

    The information in the resource is excellent. However, I don’t like the Canva Watermark on the images. Also, I wished it was in an editable format to replace the Canva Watermark image. Other than that, I’m happy with the information.

  • Slightly disappointed

    I hate to leave a negative review, because the information contained in this product is excellent. Unfortunately, I am disappointed and I don’t think I can use this with my clients. There are a few images in the document that have the Canva watermark on them- looks like maybe it was made with the free version of Canva and images were copied in? Anyway, I don’t think I can give my clients something with watermarked images, and it’s pdf, so this is not editable. Somewhere it in the listing it also mentioned the word template, so I assumed that it was an editable template, and it’s not. That was probably my own misunderstanding.

  • This is excellent!

    The resources included in this purchase are absolutely excellent! I’m so glad I purchased this item. The resources included are extremely professional and the information is easy to understand. The product description is a very good representation of the material that I received. I am very pleased with this product. It is an excellent value and (as a new LEAP Counselor) this literally saved me HOURS of work. Thank you so much for sharing these resources!

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