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Do you ever find yourself sitting with clients and realize you do not know how to help them?

Are you frustrated that all the knowledge you have does not help when you are trying to get someone to change a behavior?

Why did we not learn more about counseling our clients in school?  Better, why did we not really learn anything about counseling our clients in school?

Would a professional resource on counseling skills help?  This helped me! I went back to school.  You do not have to– I am providing you with the tools you will need. 

  • I have been a dietitian for over fifteen years and I am now dually licensed as a therapist.  I heard the need for more resources to better counsel clients.
  • Enhancing counseling skills can move clients through resistance
  • Enhancing counseling skills can facilitate behavioral change
  • Enhancing counseling skills can improve your confidence to increase your revenue (yes because you will sell your worth)
  • Your sessions will feel more effective and run more smoothly.
  • This Motivational Interview Primer is your free resource and the first of a series that I will be offering.
  • Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?


What you will get with this resource:

1. List of key “change words” to recognize during a client session and questions you can ask when you hear these phrases.
2. Sample questions and phrases you can use during a MI session
3. A visual summary of key MI concept, OARS (open-ended, affirmations, reflections, summaries)
4. MI roadmap showing how to apply to a client session

This resource pairs perfectly with Motivational Interviewing Comprehensive Guide, a seventy (70) page guide designed as a guide to implement MI in your sessions. Use motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to help your clients achieve meaningful and sustained behavior change.

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  • Very helpful!

    This is so helpful when trying to remember all of the aspects of MI and a good cheat sheet to review periodically as a refresher. It’s so easy for us to want to fix problems and forget that we need to use these skills to actually help the client. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for creating!

  • Very helpful guide to MI techniques

    This is a great summary of MI and how to effectively use it with clients and patients. Very helpful!

  • Amazing and well put together

    I took this course many years ago and this content is right on point.
    Great job guys!!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. If you would like handouts to go with it- check out the MI comprehensive product I have listed. Appreciate your support.

  • Great MI tool

    Excellent visual tool of highlights of the MI process to refer to! Thanks so much for making this available.

  • Motivational Interviewing

    Concise pointers on a useful tool to use with clients. Thank you for sharing!

  • Great Reminders

    Solid and pointed reminders of helpful items to add to sessions to help clients be successful. Thanks for the map!

  • Awesome!

    This was a very helpful tool. As health coaches and advocates there are those times we get a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with client reluctance when it comes to encouraging lifestyle behavioral changes. Awesome quick guide to remind us of our approach.

  • Simple and easy to implement

    This handout was easy to implement. I’ve found myself frustrated with a few clients and this handout was a nice reminder on how to use MI without all the steps, which can be overwhelming.

  • Nice review and quick guide to help with implementing MI during a consult. The steps page was also nice too. Well done!

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