Learning to recognize and honor physical sensations of hunger and fullness is an important piece of establishing a healthful pattern of eating and a healthy relationship with food.

On this hunger and fullness continuum, each number represents a different physical sensation related to hunger and fullness that your clients can use to help them identify what they are feeling.

I was eager to create this detailed and thoughtfully curated hunger and fullness continuum because many hunger/fullness scales I’ve seen 1) are just too vague for my liking (ex: overly hungry, hungry, neutral, full, overly full) and 2) use the word “scale” which unfortunately just feels too triggering for some.

Pro Tip #1: Use this as a tool for increasing mindfulness and awareness at meal and snack time by having your client identify, before and after each eating experience, where on the continuum they land. Having your client identify their hunger/fullness levels will also give you information about how connected or disconnected they are with their body and its physical sensations.

Pro Tip #2: When the time is right in your work together, educate your client that, for a lot of people, it feels good to eat when they are experiencing a hunger/fullness level of 3 or 4 and to stop eating when they are experiencing a hunger/fullness level of 6 or 7.


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  • Hunger and Fullness

    A nice handout that represents the different physical sensations related to hunger and fullness that clients can use to help them identify what they are feeling. Thank you for sharing!

  • Handout

    It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I think my patients might find it a little confusing.

  • Great guide to help clients distinguish fullness cues

    Great guide to help clients distinguish fullness cues! Easy to read and choose options to help clients know how they’re feeling.

  • Clean layout & easily added to lessons!

    I typed up something pretty close to this but didn’t have the time to make it look more professional. Glad I found this–super easy to customize for my healthy holidays workshop!

  • Great Tool

    This is a great and quick user friendly tool! Thanks for sharing it, Amie! I’m in Birmingham, AL also! : )

  • LOVE this handout!

    I LOVE this handout and am really looking forward to using this with my clients. I feel like it is to the point but also really thorough and easy to understand. I have used hunger scales in the past but find that many aren’t detailed which can be challenging for clients. I also love that ‘scale’ is not in the handout as Amie mentioned can be triggering for some! Thank you, Amie!

  • Descriptive and extremely helpful!

    Sometimes my clients struggle to identify where they are on the Hunger & Fullness Continuum, so this handout will be super helpful to give deeper descriptions. I appreciate the concise wording of each rating on the scale, and know that this will benefit my clients!

    • Yay I’m glad you find it helpful, Leah! I too have clients who have a really hard time identifying their levels of hunger and fullness, and I like being able to have conversations with them about how hunger and fullness can feel in our bodies.

  • Helpful resource for clients working on connecting with hunger and fullness cues!

    I found this handout so helpful! Such a nice, concise, and easy way for clients to understand and describe what hunger and fullness feels like. Also a great resource for RDs to help explain and give ideas of what hunger and fullness feels like. Thank you Amie!

  • Hunger and fullness continuum handout

    It wasn’t quite what I was expecting based on the description. I was expecting a handout on how to recognize fullness/satisfaction versus a “hunger scale only.”

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