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This is a great starting guide for clients with acid reflux, one of the most common gut health problems.

It starts by explaining what acid reflux is,

Then goes on to discuss how to improve acid reflux and how to go about a food elimination and re-introduction (how long to remove foods for, how to slowly add back over how many days, and how to keep a journal to track symptoms). 

It lists the common acid reflux trigger foods in a way that’s simple and not overwhelming, 

Then clearly states important lifestyle changes that could significantly help. 

Last but not least, it discusses important notes about decreasing acid reflux medication (with emphasis on working with their physician), after making food and lifestyle changes.

As we know, often clients will try to stop their acid reflux medication on their own, without realizing that by doing this, it could make symptoms worse due to rebound acid reflux.

This page notes the importance of working with their doctor for a slow taper over 1-3 months.

I have used this guide in practice for over 10 years now! It has been updated over these years, but much of the information has remained the same. 

I hope you found it as valuable as I have. It’s a great resource for clients to reference as they work to improve acid reflux.

You as the clinician, will be able to fill in the gaps to help clients further (such as, maybe they have SIBO contributing to acid reflux, or something else/more).

This handout is a great foundational guide to get started with.

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