Are you wondering why doctors offices and other providers are not sending you referrals?

I used to have this problem but found an easy and effective solution.

Cold calling, setting up meetings with providers and other advertising methods take tons of time, can be expensive, and don’t always work that well.

Instead, let providers know where you are and what you do!

Sending unsolicited faxes is not a good practice (maybe illegal), but you can definitely use a fax cover sheet as a marketing tool.

Here’s what I do to ensure a steady supply of referrals:

  1. Fax progress notes to referring providers.
  2. Fax progress notes to primary care providers and specialists – even when they didn’t refer the patient to you.
  3. Use a fax cover sheet that gives key information about your practice – how to make appointments, your niche, your contact information, if you take insurance, etc.

This method keeps your practice at the top of people’s minds — the providers and office staff.

This method ensures continuity of care AND also lets other providers see the progress their patients are making (due to your help)!


Document is a word document and fully customizable.

You can update it to reflect changes in your practice.

You can update the form to share seasonal messages or current offers. 

You can convert it to a PDF or upload to Canva. 

(I do not recommend faxing this information separate from sending patient clinical information.)

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