In this bundle you will find a comprehensive set of resources to help you successfully pass the CSSD Board Exam.

Included in this bundle are:

  • CSSD Board Exam Study Guide – 100+ pages
  • TWO CSSD Mock Board Exam – 150 questions
  • Recorded Lectures (9 videos, 6+ hours) that coincide with the Study Guide – organized by content area for board exam
  • Additional BONUS content!

We offer all components separately as well but if purchased together as a bundle there is a cost savings of $75.00.

Sample pages from study guide and mock exam are available here.

We are including our recorded lectures in this bundle. 

It is very important that you view and listen to the free sample before you purchase so you can see if the videos will be satisfactory for your purposes.

To make sure that it is something that you will find helpful, watch this free excerpt from recording of content area 1A.

If after viewing the free samples you are interested in more, here is what we have for you:

    • 1A Energy Metabolism (42 minutes)
    • 1B Fueling for Training and Competition (58 minutes)
    • 1C Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance (33 minutes)
    • 1D Sports Foods and Supplements (29 minutes)
    • 2A Energy Balance and Availability & 2B Weight Management (56 minutes)
    • 2C Special Populations & Disordered Eating (1 hour 32 minutes)
      • Youth, Collegiate, Masters, Elite, Vegan/Vegetarian/Plant-based, Pregnancy/Lactation, Diabetes/Hypoglycemia, Iron deficiency anemia, Vitamin D deficiency, GI disorders and allergies, Immunity and injuries, Disabled/Paralympic
    • 3A Food and Beverage Management & 3B Nutrition Administration (33 minutes)
    • Short duration/high intensity/very high intensity
    • Intermittent/high intensity
    • Endurance/ultra-endurance and fat adapted
    • Emerging opportunities
    • Selected individual sports/events
    • Extreme environments (heat, cold, humidity, altitude)
  • BONUS: MINI MOCK EXAM: 20 Practice Questions (25 minutes)

We have recently released the 2nd edition of our study guide!  A new recording has been added to cover all of the new information that is in the 2nd and is called ““WHAT’S NEW IN THE 2nd EDITION OF THE STUDY GUIDE.

Thank you for considering products by Pro-Style Nutrition Consulting, LLC.

We ask that you enjoy these resources for personal use only and respect our copyright by not sharing files with others. Further, since it is a digital file, once you purchase and download/access the file(s), there are no refunds.

Disclaimer: Utilization of the Pro-Style Nutrition Study Guide For the CSSD Board Exam and related
materials and resources does not guarantee eligibility for the CSSD exam nor does it guarantee
successful passing of the exam. This Study Guide assumes the user has a basic knowledge of sports
nutrition already, intends to serve as a review and does not intend to teach concepts for the first time.  We recommend visiting the CDR website for specifics on the exam and to thoroughly read through their suggested references. 

Please review the free Comparison Chart of CSSD Exam Content Areas for Past Exam and Current Exam | Well Resourced Dietitian before purchasing Pro-Style Nutrition CSSD exam prep materials.

Certifications: Board Certification as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics – Commission on Dietetic Registration ( 


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  • Eh….

    The videos and slides are extremely helpful and thorough however I would advise to read the recommended and referenced textbooks in their entirety first no matter how long you’ve been practicing. Unfortunately the design of the CSSD exam has drastically changed over the years and there are several questions with the answers within the textbooks. Read the text and pair it with this awesome exam prep and you’ll be prepared for the exam.

    • Thank you Umo for your feedback! We have sent you an email to the email address you provided.
      -Pro-Style Nutrition Consulting

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