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In working with a client, it is important to set the expectations up from the beginning. This form reviews both client and practitioner expectations as well as;

  • outline of agreed services with time expectations
  • additional package features (focusing on feature in Practice Better client portal)
  • financial policy w/ payment plan options
  • cancellation policy
  • medical disclaimer
  • discontinuation of services
  • credit card authorization

Once you integrate this form into your practice, be sure to review the entire document and replace the practitioner names. You may find that you would like to change the cancellation policy and financial responsibility policy as well, as I have included insurances I accept.

This product is a PDF with the Practice Better code to directly upload into your Better practitioner portal. It is not a PDF printout of the form. I created the product in this way to allow you to incorporate this form into your account with one click, saving you time on creating a new form from scratch. I also include tips on how to create automations to streamline your client’s experience and save you more time.

Practice Better allows me to seamlessly collect client information, method of payments, track food and lifestyle journals (with personalized modifications like limiting calorie visibility), and more. In my ongoing use of Practice Better, I have created a series of forms that help obtain more helpful information.


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  • Very Helpful

    Super helpful time saver. Wasn’t what all I wanted to ask and best phrasing. This made it very straight forward and Jen was quick to assist when needed! Thank you!

  • Highly Recommend!

    This was exactly what I needed when I was starting my private practice earlier this year! I had no idea what needed to be covered in the initial agreement and this form allowed me to get started with my first client fast! I really like how the sections are worded and the credit card authorization section is very useful. Jen’s form comes with clear instructions and is easy to adapt where you need to edit to fit your own practice! Highly recommend!

  • Excellent

    I was clueless when it came to forms, Jen’s form is PERFECT. It has the exact wording and covers the right info to protect you an your client/patient. Now only that, she helped walked me through how to get the signature added to make it even easier for my client to sign and send back.

  • Thank you, Gianna! I’m so happy you could use this for your own practice. What is great about it is that you could take the template and fully customize it to fit YOUR practice and YOUR needs. 🙂

  • Perfect Agreement!

    I tweaked it slightly to fit my practice but it was the perfect backbone to get started!

  • Must Use Better Practice to use this form

    I do not use Practice Better. I miss-read the description and thought I would still get a basic PDF. It is my fault, but so sad I can’t access this agreement as I need one right away!

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