Are you looking for simple tools and strategies to help clients make lasting changes?

Are your clients getting caught up on small details so much that they are missing the bigger picture?

Have you found that some of your clients are overwhelmed with detailed logging and record keeping? Maybe MyFitnessPal is a bit overwhelming to them? 

This can be so frustrating for both YOU the provider and for the client.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a really simple but effective tool? 

I’ve found in my practice that clients sometimes do best with simple changes and working on establishing daily habits. Often this is as simple as ensuring that they have 3 meals per day (vs following a specific meal plan when they are not already in the habit of having regular meals.)

I’ve made the log so that the client just checks a box if they completed their behavior goal for the day. They mark an X if they have not. There is a section for comments as well.

The form is made in Microsoft Word and can be easily changed to include whatever goal the patient is working on.

Examples may be:

  • Check blood sugar in the morning.
  • Take a walk at lunch.
  • Drink water at a specific time.
  • Take supplement.

This tool can be updated with your logo, branding and your own message to your client. 

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