A bit of my back story –  when I started working in diabetes & chronic disease in 2009 I finished up with my appointments exhausted & frustrated.

Why? Because having clients make lifestyle changes was so hard. The traditional directive approach that we were trained for was just not working.

And then I got introduced to Motivational Interviewing. It was a game changer!

It has taken me a bit of time to get comfortable with the skill & now I am at a stage when it is 2nd nature. Now there is not much thinking or strategizing involved. Just action. And the results are so satisfying. I am no longer drained out after my appointments and my clients are making actual lifestyle changes.

Hence, I created this mini- course on Motivational Interviewing, a video course (7 videos) that will help you take the first few steps towards getting a taste of Motivational Interviewing. The course is designed to be spreadout over 7 days with an activity after each video you have viewed.

I will recommend that you watch 1 video/day and complete the accompanying activity to get the complete benefit.

Whats included in the course:

  1. Day 1- Behaviour change basics
  2. Day 2- The WHAT, WHEN & HOW of integrating Motivational Interviewing into your practice
  3. Day 3- A little bit about advice giving
  4. Day 4- What is your role as a practitioner
  5. Day 5- Communication styles that sync with Motivational Interviewing
  6. Day 6- Can you use Motivational Interviewing in short appointments?
  7. Day 7- Motivational Interviewing & Weight Inclusivity

Check out the preview video below for a peek at the content.


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