Page previews of 30 Plant Foods a Week tracker sheets.

Are your clients in a rut with their usual choices?

Needing inspiration or frustrated with goals around restrictions: less sugar, fewer calories and so on?

How about a goal of MORE? More fruits, more veggies, more beans and other plant foods?

A recent study found that those participants who had 30 or more different plant foods over the course of a week had greater diversity in their gut microbiome

Included in this bundle are three different tracker sheets.

  • A page listing nearly 150 different fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and other plant foods for inspiration
  • A colorful weekly calendar to track fruits, veggies and other plants foods
  • An additional bonus calendar that is segmented by plant category.

You and your clients get to pick the tracker that they are most excited to use. The plant foods mega-list can be used by circling new foods as they’re enjoyed and the two weekly trackers can be used to take note of each new food.

How many plants can you eat in a week? Are you, and your clients, up for the challenge?


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  • Great Handout for Families!

    This is a great handout for clients working on improving their intake of fruits and vegetables and increasing variety. I especially like it for my families because they can do this all together and increase food exposures for their children.

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