Are your clients asking you for tips on how they can focus on their wellness during the holidays? Are you looking for a presentation with information that your clients actually want to know?

How many times have your clients (or you!) gotten through the holiday season only to feel completely exhausted and out-of-balance? Or maybe they say “When’s the last time I ate a vegetable?”  How would it feel for your clients to not only survive this holiday season, but to actually thrive?
This presentation discusses 10 strategies for your clients to feel great during the holidays and going into the new year. Your audience will walk away with tangible tips for balancing your plate, adding in more vegetables, mindful eating, sleeping better, and more so that you can honor your health and wellbeing this season (and not feel the pressure to diet in the new year!).

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

This presentation provides engaging information that doesn’t repeat everything your clients have already heard in other holiday wellness presentations. More than this, your clients will leave with realistic and clear ways that they can incorporate these dietitian-approved tips!

What will your audience learn?

  • 10 different tips with corresponding slides that show clear action steps for your clients to feel their best during the holiday season (ex: Ditch the diet mentality, balance your blood sugar, joyful movement, etc.)
  • How to create a balanced plate/meal for optimal blood sugar levels
  • Ideas for satisfying vegetable side dishes
  • Exercise for managing stress and stress/emotional eating during the holidays
  • How to practice Intuitive Eating during the holidays

The details:

  • PowerPoint format
  • Title slide + 29 information slides + 1 thank you/contact information slide
  • Non-branded! You have the ability to use your company’s name and logo
  • High quality images
  • Script for presenting this PowerPoint is not provided

slide preview for holiday nutrition presentation slide preview for holiday nutrition presentation slide preview for holiday nutrition presentation slide preview for holiday nutrition presentation

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