Amy Gorin and the Lucrative Multi-Niche Store

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headshot of Amy Gorin and sales statistics

With $1,700+ in Sales, Amy Shares Tips for Making the Sale on 

Welcome to the WellResourced Success Story Series Series! Each quarter, we feature an innovative, creative, entrepreneurial vendor and his/her story. We want to share RDN’s successes with you, inspire you to learn from them and help you create products that will bring you earnings wins, too.  

We’re kicking off the InnovatoRD series with a feature on Amy Gorin, MS, RDN. 

Editor Turned Media-Savvy Dietitian  

When you think of dietitians in the media, you likely think of Amy. Amy is a former nutrition and health editor for Prevention, Health, Parents, American Baby, Weight Watchers Magazine and While health and nutrition editor at American Babyshe listened to her heart and gut which were telling her to learn more about nutrition, took the plunge and started her nutrition education journey to become an RDN. 

Over the course of her career, Amy has bylined 1,000-plus articles and also completed more than 1,000 interviews for top-tier outlets, including Parade, Food Network, Reader’s Digest,, and more.  

“I serve as a nutrition expert and complete hundreds of interviews a year,” Amy says.  

Hundreds! Incredible! 

“I combined my background as a magazine and web editor with my love of nutrition. My niche is nutrition communications, with a core focus in plant-based nutrition. I truly enjoy helping people learn how to eat more plants in delicious ways! 

Amy’s Niche Content for 

Given Amy’s niche in nutrition media, she carved out an opportunity for herself to share her knowledge of writing, communicating and interviewing with other RDNs via curated content that she sells on  

Her three distinct groups of content include: 

  • Private Practice Content: My private practice content centers around getting a private practice off the ground and includes all the tools you’ll need to do soMy Getting Started Forms for Private Practice are essential; the bundle contains nine forms that help you to start seeing patients immediatelyYou’ll also want to propel your business and bring in new patients by using my letter for obtaining practitioner referrals. 

Carving out your niche will help you make the sale. Amy has earned more than $1,700 on her products listed on WellResourced in less than one year! Her private practice content is her most lucrative, with her Getting Started Forms earning more than $600 to date.  

Amy’s Tip #1: Define the Need  

Amy’s sales success of her more than 75 digital products on WellResourced is not due to luck. She has used her niche to her advantage, creating materials that allow her to share her media, nutrition communications and private practice expertise.  

How does she come up with her content ideas? 

I first do a search on WellResourced to see how full the space is for my potential product. If its very full, I tweak my idea. Then, if I’m creating a consumer product such as my mix-and-match meal plansI’ll create products that my audience is interested in.  

And that tip is gold – think about what your specialty is. Then, spend time browsing the content on WellResourced to either provide your much-needed content that you find there is a need for, or, if you see another dietitian is creating content in your focus area, think about how you can create content in a needed format, or content that provides a fresh angle.  

Amy repurposes some of her content – PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans, for example – that she created for her nutrition schoolwork. She updates it so that it is current, and edits the content so that it is relevant for the R2RD audience. 

Amy shares,  

“It took me a few months to get into the groove of selling and seeing what items are popular on WellResourced. Once I got the hang of it, I started earning over $250 a month, on average! Overall, I study what sells well and create more content in those areas.  

“Creating initial templates for creating promotional graphics takes time, but I use tools such as Canva to make the process go more smoothly and quickly. Then, I’ll make copies of those templates and edit them for each new product I create on WellResourced. Developing the promotional graphic and image takes about half an hour per product, on average. I don’t mind the time spend because creating the graphics allows me to be creative. Have fun with the process! 

Be consistent and diligent with adding products to your store. At WellResourced, we oftentimes hear you say, “I just haven’t had time to create digital products yet.”  

We hear you.  

But start by thinking about this – what have you created in school or on the job that YOU could be selling and earning money for on WellResourced right nowDon’t let it sit on your drive – put your work to work! Check out the Getting Started Hub for tips on taking the initial steps to list your products. We walk you through the process and are here for you every step of the way! 

Amy’s Tip #2: Get Crisp on Your Audience 

Because I have a few different groupings of content on WellResourced, I’m looking at a few different types of ideal clients, Amy says.  

One of Amy’s core clients is the entrepreneurial media RD who wants freelance writing and media interview resources. Often, this person might purchase some of these materials or download a free resource to get a taste of what she offers in her Master the Media ecourse. 

For her other digital downloads, her ideal clients are private practice dietitians who are looking for the tools to start and grow their practices 

Many other dietitians, such as clinical RDNs, retail RDNs and more use her meal plans and presentations. 

Make sure you invest the time to define your target audience. Remember, if you’re trying to sell to everyone, you’re really selling to no one. Think about who your ideal buyer is, where she/he works, what her/his needs are, etc. The more descriptive you can be about your ideal customer, the better. 

Amy’s Tip #3: Be Descriptive – Would You Buy What You’re Selling? 

Think about what you’re inviting dietitians to purchase from you so that they don’t have to create this material on their own. Convey to your potential buyers how they will benefit from purchasing your materials. Will your digital download:  

  • Save them time and energy?  
  • Spare them from conducting the research on their own?  
  • Educate their clients and audiences in new and fascinating ways?
  • Provide them with the most current information on a topic?
  • Allow them to grow their own businesses?  

“It’s helpful to be very descriptive in your product descriptions, so people can get a preview of what they’re purchasing,” Amy shares. 

Draft, edit and edit your product description some more before you post on WellResourced. Would you purchase your own digital download? Be sure to check out the Getting Started Hub to get your initial listings posted this week, and download the FREE Quick Start Guide for tips to make your listing stand out!  

Amy notes, 

I have been really impressed with how fun and lucrative it is to sell on WellResourced! 

You will, too.   

Do you have your own success story to share? Reach out to us and tell us how WellResourced helps you grow your nutrition business! 


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